4k video downloader says not activated

I have problem with activation of my licence key, what should I do?

That being said, recently, users reflect that various errors pop up instead of the video parsing. Errors include but not limited to: can't parse the link, can't download video, crash, etc. If you are unfortunately suffering from the issues, the below part is specifically designed to solve these errors with simple yet straightforward solutions.

I use it often. But it doesn't seem to be recognizing DailyMotion videos. But the truth is that it isn't instantly updated to catch up the latest video site algorithm and lets you down when it comes to download videos from Dailymotion, Facebook, or other online video sites.

No matter it is p, p, 4K, 3D, Blu Ray, or degree virtual reality video, the tool makes it a snap to save the online video with world's No. Solutions: 1. Check your firewall and antivirus settings, which, to some extent, might relate to the error: can't parse video URL. Reboot your computer and start again. Remember run as administrator.

Check if there is any conflicting program running, like video accelerator, web browser add-ons, etc. For YouTube playlist download users, you need to make sure the YouTube playlist "Public" rather than "Private" setting.

And in free version, only 25 videos are allowed to download from each playlist. Keep pasting tons of video URLs until you unlock the "newbie" badge for downloading a certain number of videos.

4K Video Downloader Error: Can't Parse/Download Videos YouTube [Fixed]

Whatever video I tried to download from youtube I get the message "error:can't download". I paid for this application just to let me download youtube videos.

I download again the latest version and nothing happens, again the same error for every video I tried to download. Use your antivirus program to check if there are some malware, spyware hidden. Check whether the software is installed properly or not. Perhaps there just certain YouTube videos can't be downloaded, not all of them. So use another YouTube URL link to try again some YouTube videos with price label for rent or purchase can't be downloaded, cuz they are copyright protected.

See if your hard drive has enough space to save the downloaded YouTube files. If not, delete some unwanted files to free up space. Once again, 4K Video Downloader might haven't instantly updated to catch up the latest YouTube algorithm so cmia test after 6 weeks to lead to the YouTube video download task failure.

Author: Bertha Miller Updated on Aug 14, If you are annoyed by slow 4k video download, here we have introduced the no. If you have recorded some 4K UHD videos with your drones, cameras, or phones, you may for sure want to upload them to YouTube for sharing.Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity.

4k video downloader says not activated

Hey there! Sign In Register. Introducing the Soap Scoop podcast! I need to post my videos to other sites. JamesE Posts: 6, Forum Member. That's interesting. I have used YTD Youtube downloader for ages with good results but this past week it has stopped working. I wondered if it was Avast's latest update which had interfered but I switched it off and YTD still failed.

I can’t download a video with 4K Video Downloader, what do I do?

I updated YTD and it failed. I tried another downloader on a machine running MSE antivirus and that wouldn't work either. I have now added their own downloader to Firefox and that is working. It seems to work in a different manner in that the Firefox system seems to actually play the Youtube video but captures it simultaneously. I'm not sure about 4K but it offered me either p or p.

I wanted some of the bowling from Potters. Both were OK as there is little fast movement in bowling! Looks like its back to using keepvid right now but max is just P. JurassicMark Posts: 7, Forum Member. It's still showing the p option but can't try it at the moment as I'm not on my broadband connection. SepangBlue Posts: 3, Forum Member. YouTube videos download perfectly well on there, with a massive list of options as to quality and file size.

I will give that a try as uninstalled 4K. Just be careful when installing Freemake - it usually downloads PUPs. At least it used to! Grouty Posts: 30, Forum Member. Yeah if installing Freemake, do a Custom Installand untick all the crap. Sexbomb Posts: 18, Forum Member. Works fine for me. Sign In or Register to comment.It allows the people to get the material and data by copying the required video or sound hyperlink and paste it into 4K Video Downloader crack.

It also provides the best image and materializes quality. This version has enhanced, and improved features with a user-friendly interface as well as the clean design, allow you to operate different actions on the run. This program is the best application because you can use it without paying money and download the required video within seconds. Downloading through this program that is completely secure and reliable that let the user to honestly get their material by utilizing the duplicating the popular video or audio link and paste it into the 4K Video Downloader.

This is an amazing downloading tool which takes glamorize a substantial collection of properties and allows the people to download numerous video from YouTube for their operating system in a single click. This software is free from all types of threats, bugs, and more issues related to downloading videos.

People can download multiple videos at a time via this application. It helps to extract the audio tracks swiftly without any restriction. It helps to download the video into your required format as well as free the hard disk space.

This is the best alternative software because it gives you a choice to select the format to download or download just audio of the video.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Thus, you may also convert video and sound into unique codecs. It truly is a quickest and great choice to gain both the video clip from YouTube, Vimeo. Directly buy them once you could be on the web. And reap the benefits of your film whenever and everywhere you desire. It permits you to access your favorite audio and video in online websites.

While you also can download those 3d video clips to see these offline. This online video downloader permits you to download subtitles, stations, playlists. The user interface carries end-users allow out of every factor. And altered them to your own thing. You also may even get into a whole YouTube station or some other playlists of many common formats. While rather than downloading movies you. This application supports. It stops an individual from files that are corrupted. The downloaded data files comprise high-resolution.

Moreoverthe online video Downloader has distinct languages to satisfy the wants. While in the internet browser and then paste it in the particular video downloader. Furthermore, this program calls new uploaded video clips in the chosen YouTube stations. And cause it to be even more comfortable with your usage. In general, you can pick this particular video grabber with got the capability to fulfill your requirements. Therefore save any multimedia data files on your offline opinion.

Because you will certainly find a great deal of available on the current market. So, 4K online video Downloader crucial Generator may help save you pictures to get virtually any tablet that you desire. How to Crack 4K Video Downloader?

Mirror File Download Here. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Table of Contents. First of all, you need to download setup, While, after that install it in your system, Therefore, copy all the Crack, Similarly, paste them in the root folder, Above all, restart the system, In conclusion, Enjoy Crack. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.In addition, you can download subtitles, audio without video if you like the audio track in the videoand if you have video in 3D-format — download it 3D will be indicated by a special icon.

As a result after downloading, you can press the play button, and the video will open in your media player. Also i must note that I did not get to download two test playlists, maybe the error on the page was, or something else.

4k video downloader says not activated

With all other functions the program coped well. In addition online video repositories like YouTube and Vimeo have been highly popular literally since they were launched. Also such services allow you not only to view and share your videos, but also to earn money from it. Sometimes there is a need to download video from the Internet and here several powerful utilities come to the rescue, one of which is 4K Video Downloader 4.

Therefore to download a video, just copy the link from your browser and paste it through the Paste URL command. In addition you can also choose the format you need to save the file for yourself, I mean, the utility boasts a built-in converter. Also you can embed the link, and Video Downloader searches for the source yourself in the source code of the page.

In addition in the same overview window, you will be given the opportunity to determine the file storage location or leave everything as it is by default. Also it simultaneously downloads several fragments from the video clip, after which they are glued into one. This must be done in order to bypass the speed limit of the server on which the file upload process will take place.

Tags: 4k video downloader crack4k video downloader license key. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Built using WordPress and the Highlight Theme. Download Now! Previous: Previous post: Malwarebytes 4. Next: Next post: VueScan 9. December 9, at Omar Mamdouh says:. December 29, at Wondershare Filmora 9. April 4, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Tags 4k video downloader crack 4k video downloader license key adguard premium android cleanmymac cleanmymac activation number cleanmymac crack cleanmymac x crack cyberlink powerdirector 18 crack driver booster 6 pro key driver booster 6.If you suddenly got an error while, for example, downloading a video from YouTube; it is either YouTube is down most unlikely or something related to the 4k Video Downloader version you have running on your device most likely.

This post covers the various error messages generated by the 4k Video Downloader software and feasible ways of fixing these errors. Various kinds of errors have been reported by users of 4k Video Downloader.

The most common of these errors are:. This usually occurs when 4k Video Downloader crashes. Your operating system, in most cases, will inform you about the crash and possibly give more details of the crash. If you're confronted by this error, first things first; try to check your internet connection as 4k Video Downloader would not work without an active internet connection. If you've confirmed that your device is properly connected to the internet but 4k downloader can't still download videos, then try the following:.

Firewalls and antivirus apps usually block some apps that send or download data from the internet for various reasons —for your protection. If you have any active firewall, open it up, and ensure 4k Video Downloader isn't locked out of internet access. If you just installed 4k Video Downloader, you may need to restart your device before the app can initialize properly.

If other video programs are running on your device that you think could interfere with this app; close them. This may not be obvious from the start, but videos wouldn't save when there's not enough space for your storage device.

You can view your device's space with any good file manager. Changing this location i. In this case, if you can't fix it from your privacy settings, you may consider changing your proxy in cases of blocked videos. Please follow the steps outlined below to fix your video file if it wasn't downloaded completely. Click on the shortcut icon created during installation to launch the software, or search for it. This would commence the video file repair process. You can monitor the video fixing progress from the moving bar on individual videos being fixed.

If your video wasn't fixed by the Recoverit Quick Repair Mode, you should try the Advanced repair mode offered by Recoverit.

4K Video Downloader 4.13 Full Version

Click "Advanced Repair" found in red behind the file. If you were confronted by a software crash of 4k Downloader then your issue most likely isn't from your video. After checking, you should try the following:. This error can be indicated by "Can't parse this link…", "Error. Unknown site…", "This site is unsupported", "Can't parse any video link…:" Etc…. As this error is usually as a result of 4k downloader not being able to parse the link provided, you should check the link to confirm it's accessible.

Access the link with a working browser to make sure it is working before proceeding with your attempt. If parsing error persists, please try the following:.Note: the above way can only help downloading videos that are banned in some locations.

Videos that were blocked due to copyrights problems cannot be downloaded with 4K Video Downloader. If this problem occurs it means that you must have been banned by YouTube. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. If you continue to browse, we will assume you are happy with it. Read more. I want to receive 4K Download news, special offers and updates.

By clicking the Send button, you agree to our Privacy Policy. Turning the antivirus or firewall off or adding 4K Download application into the whitelist of said antivirus Note: Avast antivirus users may just disable ipv6 in the settings.

Rebooting the computer. Blocked video problem can be solved with Changing the proxy, you can read step by step instruction here: www. Problems with downloading Facebook videos Make sure the video is fully public and available even for unregistered Facebook visitors. Check the link to be leading directly to particular video, not the whole Facebook page. Problems with downloading only from YouTube If this problem occurs it means that you must have been banned by YouTube.

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