7 3 engine diagram hd quality comparison

When Ford announced F-Series Super Duty Tremor pickup truck a few months ago, along came with it was the announcement of an all-new 7. Power figures were unavailable at the time, but today Ford has officially announced an output of horsepower at 5, rpm and best-in-class torque of lb-ft at 4, rpm. Meanwhile, the the Ford 7. Ford will offer its new 7.

Unlike the 5. It also features a variable-displacement oil pump, extra-large main bearings, forged steel crankshaft for durability, and piston cooling jets to help manage temperatures under heavy load.

The 7. Additional power and capability numbers, including Super Duty towing and payload ratings as well as power numbers for the upgraded 6. A specially tuned version of the Ford 7. With a greater bias for torque, this version will produce a dyno-certified horsepower at 3, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 3, rpm.

Pycharm interpreter a cherry on top, Ford will also offer an optional calibration that will offer greater fuel economy for those that need it. More information will be made available at a later date. The Ford 7. All other commercial models retain the TorqShift heavy-duty 6-speed automatic transmission. Automotive Media Jedi Knight. Not yet the rank of Master.

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Ford vs. Chevy vs. Ram Heavy-Duty Trucks: How the Monster Gas V-8s Compare

Email address:. Latest Popular Hot Trending. Search Search for: Search. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Don't read about boring cars!The 7. In lieu of an injection pump, the 7. In comparison to the prior mechanical injection system, the transition to HEUI promised improved performance, lower emissions, and better fuel economy stemming from increased fuel atomization and greater control over injection events.

The popularity of Ford's International powered F-Series pickups is distinguishable in its production numbers, which greatly exceeded that of any competing manufacturer's diesel sales. By1 million Power Stroke equipped trucks had been delivered to dealerships. As demand soared following Ford's introduction of the Super Duty platform, the 2 millionth 7.

A greater demand for fuel economy and significantly lower emissions ultimately led to the retirement of the 7. For the MY, the 7. By the beginning of the MY, the 6. The dipstick was re-calibrated for the model year to indicate a full crankcase at 14 quarts. After starting and running the engine, recheck oil level and add as necessary.

The high pressure oil pump reservoir retains some engine oil. Though gravely outdated by today's standards, the 7.


The engines have a B50 life ofmiles, which has proven to be a rather conservative rating. The serial number of a 7. The first 2 digits of the serial number are "7. All 7. The following chart displays the various injector codes and types used for each model year.

When replacing a fuel injector, the correct injector must be used - do not mix and match. A single shot AA injector cannot be used in an engine calibrated for an AD split shot injector and visa versa. AC injectors are similar to AB injectors, but are a single shot design with a higher flowrate. Based on an AD injector, used in the number 8 cylinder from the factory. See injector code breakdown below.

The dipstick was re-calibrated for the model year to indicate a full crankcase at 14 quarts Engine Weight: Approx. International TE high torque models AC single shot cc AC injectors are similar to AB injectors, but are a single shot design with a higher flowrate. Single turbocharger, wastegated, intercooler introduced for model year. Direct injection, HEUI hydraulic electronic unit injection.

OHV, 2 valves per cylinder, hydraulic lifters no valve adjustment necessary. Engine Dimensions:. International TE high torque models.We know, advertisements are annoying and slow down the internet. Unfortunately, this is how we pay the bills and our authors. We would love for you to enjoy our content, we've worked hard on providing it. Please whitelist our site in your adblocker, refresh the page, and enjoy! The new L8T engine delivers 41 horsepower and 84 pound-feet of torque more than the L96, which translates to gains of Both figures represent drops of RPM over the L GM Authority Founder with a passion for global automotive business strategy.

We'll send you one email per day with the latest GM updates. I completely agree especially when you look at the competition like Ford with their new big gasoline V8 mated to the 10 speed. I will very likely buy the Chevy or HD with the 6. Except that Ram still uses the 6.

Chevy offers more incentives in the HD series than ram or ford. The gas chevy will by far be more affordable and harder working, and most importantly longer lasting. Businesses and most farmers the principle buyers of HD gas trucks will prefer the Chevy for practical purposes. Private buyers would likely go for the higher end Diesel, and that is a whole new can of worms.

FCA threw parts at it for months before it mostly went away. Mikecollins, The problem with front ends is the grease. To prove my point, look for the darker spot on the interstates a couple of feet after a bump in the highway. What is that dark spot?

That is from both cars and trucks who are dropping grease onto the road after the vehicle hits a bump, from the flexing of the front end suspension parts.

To solve that problem, do not use normal cheap grease. Use only a synthetic front end grease. Firstly, it does not drop off onto the road like normal suspension grease. Secondly, it is not affected by water as much as normal grease. The main reason to use a synthetic grease is because it is much better at lubricating the parts, thus less wear. Just as normal petroleum oil does not protect the engine parts anywhere as well as a full synthetic, grease is the same.

I went and bought my own grease gun, put the tube of synthetic grease in it, wrapped it in two plastic bags and took it to my local oil change place and gave it to the guy to grease my front end parts.

We used to drive about to kilometers per day, so all parts wear faster. Trust me, it make a huge difference to use the best lube stuff compared to normal petroleum lubes in your transmission, rear end, engine and suspension parts. It saves thousands of dollars on fuel use and engine life. DW is a BS artist. The NGLI 2 thick as butter grease has too high a viscosity to be thrown off with a little jounce in the suspension.

Warm or hot engine oil, on the other hand, will sling off easily. The assumption that the grease is coming out of the joints means the joints have bad seals in which case, its not grease, its a defective part which is the original problem.

Youd think theyd learn, but I guess repeated bankruptcy and changing hands is not conducive to getting it right. The 8. If GM can get lb ft out of 87 octane in they can do a whole lot better than in if they bring back a big block. This with a tune should get north of ftlbs, but half of the point of this engine is reliability. I drive a Silverado rated at hp and ftlb.Dead Head Diesel is reader-supported.

When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. You may not know that Navistar—International—originally built the 7.

7 3 engine diagram hd quality comparison

And after that Ford released their first vision of that Navistar 7. The block and heads on the 7. These and other factors made the engine awesome for its time! And over twenty years later there are still reportedly over two million 7. Ford continued production runs of the 7. Today, that unit of measure is used to define how powerful an engine is. In your 7. And the amount of torque that an engine can exert depends on engine RPMs.

And torque is for towing. I talk about this in-depth in the 7. The 7. I detail it and the 7. Non-California 7. Split-shot injectors reduced knocking and smoothed out the engine, but more importantly to California and CARB, reduced emissions by more fully and completely burning the fuel in the combustion chamber.

Not only did Ford redesign the body of the F and F Superduty pickups, giving them a more rounded and sleeker look, but it added larger fuel injectors and an intercooler. And this boosted the 7. InFord engineers tweaked the engine calibrations and eked out a little more horsepower and torque for both the auto transmission and the manual, stick-shift, 7. Ford succumbed to government regulations and new emissions standards and created the 6.

Though that engine failed to live up to the 7. A million miles? My F 7. I'm Steve.

Heavy Duty Pickup Truck Comparison: Super Duty vs Ram vs Silverado

I've owned over a dozen diesel pickup trucks in my life and always worked on them myself. I'm the owner of Dead Head Diesel. I live in California. You know, the diesel "friendly" state.

Ford's stock starter may not be the best starter for 7. Here are the five best 7. Get 6. Skip to content.

7 3 engine diagram hd quality comparison

Table of Contents hide. Continue Reading.See all 25 photos. With all the pickup truck buzz centered on powertrain efficiency such as with the Ford Ranger and the two newest half-ton diesels Silverado Duramax and Ram EcoDieselsome might think that big and brawny gas engines will go extinct.

Not true. In fact, some of the most powerful, efficient, and technologically advanced powertrains on the market will be sitting under the hood of heavy-duty trucks from ChevyFordGMCand Ram. This year, Ford and General Motors introduce completely new gas V-8 engines. In the case of GM, the new unit replaces a year-old 6.

Ford, meanwhile, is adding a larger gas engine choice to its lineup while keeping the existing "smallish" 6. And finally, Ram, which once offered an 8. Generally speaking, gas V-8 engines are a fairly rare order in the HD class, with the vast majority of heavy-duty trucks equipped with the more muscle-bound turbodiesel option.

Still, a small number of personal-use buyers and commercial fleet buyers like having an efficient and easy-to-maintain traditional gas engine option. And after a long period of stasis, it's good to see all of the big pickup makers upping their gas V-8 game.

Structurally, the new V-8 will have a cast-iron block and aluminum heads, with a torque-biased overhead valve setup and two valves per cylinder, running a Unlike either of the small-block gas engine choices in their light-duty segment with the 6.

Additionally, this V-8 is the first of its family to offer a variable-displacement oil pump to keep it well lubed in all types of environments and work cycles.

Factory power ratings for the 6. Ford is redesigning and upgrading its Super Duty lineupspecifically adding new trims, improving its chassis and powertrain, and adding an all-new, bigger and stronger gas V-8 option. The new motor will be the larger of two V-8 engines, both offering a cast-iron block, aluminum heads, and a traditional overhead valve, two-valves-per-cylinder setup.

7 3 engine diagram hd quality comparison

The newest V-8 will displace 7. Engine features include multiport injection along with a more efficient variable-displacement oil pump, which will now be capable of moving small amounts of liquid quickly for faster warmups or a lot of oil around to remove more heat faster. There is no cylinder deactivation or fuel shutoff technology included at this time.

(Ended) Predator 212 Go Kart Manual Clutch (3D Motorsport)

Power ratings recently released are a segment-best at hp at 5, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 4, rpm. Although it's not yet announced, we're guessing max trailering capacity for the new trucks will be bumping close to the 20,pound range. According to current specification data, the 6.

We expect more information to be released before these trucks actually go on sale before the end of the year. The Ram HD lineup made a lot of noise at the last Detroit auto show, where they announced the newest version of the 6. Additionally though much less sexy, Ram engineers made a few powertrain upgrades to the existing 6.

The engine uses an overhead valve setup with two valves per cylinder, using a modified hemispherical-type combustion chamber with a unique twin-sparkplug design for a more complete combustion chamber burn—the delivery is via multiport fuel injection with a And like all the V-8 engines in this segment, Ram's Hemi requires octane fuel.

Finally, the 6. Factory engine ratings are hp at 5, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 4, rpm, with a max trailering capacity of 18, pounds regular cab long-bed 4x2.

And given their cost effectiveness, this new crop of big V-8s—producing some big power and torque numbers—will likely offer a tremendous power-to-cost ratio. And who knows? We can always hope these same engines might find their way into a half-ton specialty performance package or a full-size SUV. Regardless, we look forward to getting these engines on the dyno and out in the real world to see how they compare when pulling a heavy load. Stay tuned. Close Ad. Watch Originals.

Join MotorTrend. Ford vs. Chevy vs.They're good trucks, but they've been somewhat overshadowed by Fiat Chrysler's stellar Ram pickup that was also new for Sales of the Silverado, typically the best-selling vehicle in the country after Ford's F-Series, fell behind the Ram pickup in the first quarter. Even though GM trucks, including the Silverado and Sierra, outsell the Ram, the lead isn't as secure as it once was.

It's a good thing, then, that they've redesigned the heavy-duty Silverado for to try to protect their market share. Unfortunately, it might not be enough. Our tester was a relatively basic model Silverado 4x4 Custom Crew Cab, equipped with the 6.

That's not cheap, but workhorse heavy-duty trucks never are. And this thing does feel built to work. Though it doesn't offer the same low-end power or towing capability that a diesel engine — which is what you'd typically find in this segment — would, it's still plenty potent.

Even in this low-towing configuration, the Silverado can still pull 16, pounds on a goose-neck trailer. That's more than even the brawniest class truck, so the premium is worth it if you need serious capability. Of course, those buyers are probably better served by a diesel-powered truck.

Option a Silverado right and you can tow up to 18, pounds. Step up to a truck configured for maximum towing and that number jumps to 35, pounds. Point is, these trucks are probably more capable than most buyers will ever need.

Chevy also offers some clever options to make hauling huge objects more manageable. The company's "transparent trailer" technology uses cameras to make your attached trailer appear see-through, while a slew of camera angles help you handle parking a truck this massive. The Silverado also feels built to handle serious abuse. The controls are brawny and well-weighted, the interior is basic and the truck soaks up potholes and big undulations.

Ours also had the optional front bench seat, which means it fit six passengers in its gargantuan cabin. The truck is also very quiet for a heavy-duty truck, in no small part because of the increased refinement of the gas engine.

Coupled with the intuitive infotainment system and the relaxed highway ride, it's a nice place to be when cruising on the highway. The ride at lower speeds, though, is harsh. That's true of all heavy-duty trucks we've experienced, as the stiff suspension required to haul heavy loads tends to be unforgiving in daily operation.

It comes with the territory, but we figured it's worth mentioning as many people use trucks for everyday driving. For that reason, luxurious trims of pickups tend to sell a lot. We haven't spent time in the top-trim Silverados, but the cabin immediately looks more dated than the new Ram or even the older Ford F Which brings up the larger problem with the Silverado.

The pickup truck world is one of the most profitable and competitive segments, with all three American auto giants fiercely fighting for sales. The Silverado is a nice truck, but it doesn't seem like the knockout hit that an all-new truck from GM should be.With the official unveiling of Ford's updated Super Duty pickup, all three Detroit automakers now have fresh blood on the table for the model year.

For quick reference, here are the debut posts for each truck, ready for browsing at your leisure. Though all the covers have been lifted, automakers love to be shy about hard-and-fast statistics. Ford says it will offer class-leading horsepower, which would suggest it eclipses Ram's hp Hemi V8.

Speaking of Ram, the 6. We will update this chart as more information becomes available. One thing we can do is check out each truck's exterior styling cues, now that the camo coverings are free and clear. Big and bold is certainly a common theme among all automakers, though beauty is definitely subjective. Amazingly, some might say the new Ram HD models are conservatively styled compared to the rest of the field.

For that matter, we've also heard the word boring used a few times. What can be said about the new Silverado HD that hasn't already been tossed around the internet? Polarizing is probably a kinder reference compared to some of the things we've heard.

The grille certainly is massive, and from a head-on angle there's really no way to make this truck look good. We're going to reserve further judgment until we see it in person, which should happen shortly at the Chicago Auto Show. Like the Chevy, the Sierra looks like it was styled entirely with rulers, but GMC does offer the cool six-way tailgate for easier bed access.

Fans of the previous Super Duty should be right-at-home with the new model. Whereas GM and Ram underwent significant changes, the Ford sports a minor facelift, and we do mean minor. The grille and headlights are new, striking a balance between the massive faces from GM and the cleaner lines at Ram. The big news with the Super Duty is what's under the hood, but for now, we'll have to patiently wait for official figures to come from the Blue Oval on power and capability.

This comparison is a work-in-progress, so bookmark the article and stick with us. We will diligently update this tough-truck side-by-side walkthrough as more info becomes available.

Home Features Features. By : Christopher Smith. Detroit automakers have all-new heavy-hitting pickups.

7 3 engine diagram hd quality comparison

Here's how they stack up on paper. Gallery: Ram Heavy Duty. Gallery: Chevrolet Silverado HD. Gallery: Ford Super Duty.

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