Felt keyring templates

Keychains can also be daily reminders of special trips or cool places you visit. Making keychains out of them is one of the simplest and most creative uses for wine corks. This Paracord Buddy keychain is both creative and versatile. Paracords come in endless colors and patterns, so you can make an infinite number of paracord buddies, an ideal detail for party favors. If you love getting creative with a paintbrush or colored markers, the wooden bead keychain is a fun project for you.

Simple in both design and execution, it allows you to get as ingenious as you wish. Make the beads into soccer balls, decorate them with patterns in your favorite colors or even customize them with your name. Tassels are very common amongst keychains, but can sometimes be intimidating when considering making one yourself. Making tassels is surprisingly simple and can add great finishing touches to almost any accessory, especially keys.

Use colored string or even dye your tassels for added personality. Any good party host owns a game of Jenga. These Jenga keychains are a great way of recycling those old wooden pieces into something more creative and useful you can gift to your friends. Leather is one of the most common materials used in simple craft projects.

Because of its versatility, you can shape it and decorate it in an infinite number of ways. These leather keychains are cut into similar arrow templates, but with an exacto knife stata substring from right can shape them into anything letter, symbol or shape you want.

With adult supervision, these felt animal keychains are perfect for kids to get creative with. Whether at a birthday party or as a rainy Saturday activity, these keychains are both adorable and really fun to make. Hang one on your keys or use it as decor on your kids backpack or lunchbox. Perfect for the avid reader or lover of tiny replicas, this mini diary book is both decorative and fully usable.

This baked clay heart keychain may be the simplest to make on this list. Although the tutorial walks you through shaping a heart, you can essentially use any silhouette you want. Get creative with the letter stamps and sparkles, and even grab some paint and a paintbrush to add finishing touches. Fear not, because these leather mustaches are very easy to shape and stitch.

What makes them truly unique is that they use real drawings as templates. Bunch up every shape and color button you have into one fun and creative keychain. If you enjoy sewing, this rainbow fish keychain is right up your alley. You can follow the tutorial for any template you like, but start with this simple fish design before doing a more complex sea animal.

With just a paint brush, some paint and a little bit of tape, these simple circle keychains turn into mini fashion statements. Feel free to use any shape for the outline, but follow the tutorial for tips on how to style it using tape. You can switch the fruit out for doughnuts or cookies if your sweet tooth asks for it. The contrasting white stitching around the borders give it a more hand-made feel and it extremely easy to do.From cats to dogs to bunnies to mice to alligators and every animal in-between, a new plushie is just as close as a quick trip to the sewing machine.

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Sewing Projects for Kids

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How To Sew Farm Friends. Stuffed Fox Pattern. Stuffed Seahorse.These stuffed felt letters are our absolute favorite homemade toy both kids learned to spell their names using them.

felt keyring templates

These felt letters make a great homemade gift for a birthday or for Christmas and are a wonderful addition to a preschool classroom too! Both my kids have loved playing with these homemade stuffed letters! My daughter used these felt toy letters to learn to spell her nameand my son is using them now to practice letter recognition and letter sounds.

I love the sensory aspect of these hands-on ABC manipulatives and how this easy sewing project can turn into a wonderful and educational toy! This post contains affiliate. I played around with different fonts until I found one I liked. This set is made using Arial and the size is Cut the letters out from the paper and trace them onto the felt.

Find some matching embroidery thread and thread your needle. I had a huge stash from when I actually had time to do embroidery in the past, so I searched for the closest matches I had to the felt. Stitch around the edge of the pinned letters using a simple whip stitch.

Free Pattern – Ladybird Keyring

Before finishing the letter, stuff it with your stuffing. I used a fiberfill similar to this. Lucy and Theo enjoyed playing with the completed felt letters. My next goal is to do the letters for our long, 9 letter last name and then finally the rest of the alphabet!

These are so precious…I might have to use your idea for my son. I think he would love to play with these!! I love how nice and neat your embroidery floss is…I only wish mine was so organized!!! I love your little felt letters. Such a simple idea, but I bet they will have loads of fun with them. These are wonderful. Such a great hands-on learning tool! What a wonderful blog post!

felt keyring templates

And thanks so much for mentioning my wool felt shop : Great pictures and tutorial. I love these letters!Cute and pretty! Love your idea Josie! I have to try it! Thanks for your tutorial! They look great and I can't believe how little time it takes to make them! Too cute. Don't they just come alive once you add the back stitching. Thank you Josie, these would be great in our family for stocking fillers later in the year. Aw these are so cute, I'm going to have to show my sister your blog she loves everything like this xx katiehopkinsblogspot.

Josie, these are stunning. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

felt keyring templates

I know loads of people who would love these. Brilliant Josie! I shall make the VW for a friend of mine for sure. Love your ideas, wish I was as talented x. You jest! Seriously people you need to go over to Jamie's blog and see the amazing tailoring he is capable of - He is the perfect contender for The Great British Sewing Bee!

You are too kind Josie! Tailoring is one thing Must be the week for key fobs. I love the camper van so vintage and perfect for the summer holidays. These are so pretty! I love the fabrics you've used and your tutorial is easy to follow. Definitely something I plan to try : Cathy x.I am a plushie junkie.

I can't wait to mail it to someone in a cute package! Keep the comments coming! I have not done much with felt, but as it is inexpensive and easy to work with I am on the look out for new projects - thanks for sharing this tutorial with us.

My current obsessions in crafting are jellyfish, scottie dogs and Easter themed, but is always changing and evolving. I found this tutorial on how to make a bubble envelope. Post a Comment. Subscribe in a reader. Cut two pieces of felt to use as the base of your keychain. Can be any size or shape, just cut two of the same. If you're in the need for some templates, try a Google Image search for shapes. Choose your embellishments, cut two if you want a double sized keychain.

If you're not into stitching you can also use felt glue. Take your ribbon or felt that you're using to attach your keyring, put around your ring, and stitch up the end a bit, to hold it in place as your stitching. If you're using felt to attach your ringyou may want to double it up and use a straight stitch or edge stitch to provide extra strength.

If you'd like to learn a blanket stitch here's a great tutorial. Once you get towards the end, you can add some poly-fil stuffing to make your keychain a little fluffy or leave it out for a flatter look! This would also make a super great Zipper Pull Project, just replace your keyring with a removeable hook! If you'd like this neat little Felt Heart Keychain mailed to you - Leave a comment and tell me about a tutorial you'd like to see on the blog, show me a tutorial on your blog, or link me to your favorite tutorial elsewhere!!

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Keychain DIY Tutorial Felt Letters

Flickr Picks : Lova Revolutionary Giveaway! Prints from Laura Trevey! Oh my! Cute Easter Crafts And the Winner is! Clive Thompson on the Revolution in MicromanufactuHere are over two dozen different tutorials and ideas for making crafts with it, some needing just bits of scraps while others work with larger pieces. Most of these projects involve either machine or hand sewing but there are a few that just need a bit of glue or fusible webbing. Several of these have been featured in other craft collections here on Tipnut and have been copied here for convenience plenty of new stuff too.

Have fun! Baby Owl : Made with felt pieces in white, grey, brown and color of your choice for the body along with patterned fabric scraps for belly and wings. Tutorial available via free pdf download. Free template download via pdf. Wreath : All you need are wire and strips of felt to make this easy yet colorful wreath.

Travel Sewing Kitty : Cute little book to hold pins, needles and other supplies. Fun Felt Food : Great addition to a play kitchen, this food set includes instructions for making pancakes with syrup and buttersunny-side up eggs, curling bacon, cookies, pizza and bowtie pasta.

See more projects on this page. Butterfly Mobile : Use colorful scraps of felt, white yarn, felt beads, strong card and two paper doilies to make this charmer, free template available via jpg file. Free pdf pattern download available. Owl Mug Cozy : Cover mugs of coffee, tea or hot chocolate with these cute cozies to help keep them warm on chilly days. Free pdf pattern download.

Drink Coasters : Snowflake inspired, 5-inch squares of white and colored felt are folded and snipped to make designs, fused together with fusible webbing then edges pinked. Locker Caddy : Can be used at school or in the home office, has pockets to hold goodies and straps to hang scarves or whatever else you like. Tooth Fairy Bags : The little ones will love these, little drawstring pouches that the tooth fairy will be sure to check.

Ballet Slipper Bookmark : Lovely gift idea for your favorite ballerina, made with pink, tan and white felt, grosgrain ribbon and embroidery thread. Free template via pdf. Leaf Notions : Learn how to make a needle book, scissors holder and a pincushion. Leaf design is transferred to felt with rubber leaf stamps and a white-ink stamp pad.

Little Birds Garland : Add charm to your home year round with this simple project, tutorial available via free pdf download includes bird template. Use to embellish totes, headbands, pins, etc. Free tutorial and templates available via pdf download. Poppy Flowers : Sweet little project to make, include a free pdf to download with templates in 8 different sizes. Finished size is approximately Chapstick Holder Keyfob : Made with scraps of felt or flannela key ring and a bit of Velcro.I first shared the pattern for these little felt monsters six years ago.

Last week, my four-year-old and I spent a few happy hours designing, cutting out, and sewing up a stuffed monster. We had such a great time that I created a free mix-n-match felt monster patternwhich includes five different monster bodies, five different sets of eyes, five mouths, and five different accessories. Keep reading to download the free pattern!

felt keychain pattern

Note: Find 20 beginner sewing projects here. Scary eyes, scary mouth, and a big heart. Then they can help stuff their creation. Older kids could do all the cutting and tracing on their own, as well as sew the monster together with a little help.

The 8 page PDF pattern can be downloaded by clicking here. Acrylic felt is cheap and comes in lots of colors, so it works well for this project, but it will pill as the monsters are played with and snuggled. Wool felt or a wool blend felt is more expensive but will hold up much better. I sewed my monsters together so the seam allowance is visible on the outside — I think it gives a little sharper look and more definition to the small pieces like horns and spiky hair.

On the pink monster above I used a straight stitch, but on the yellow monster below I used a zig zig. I found that the zig zag was a little easier on circular objects, but a bit harder on objects with points like the teeth. I think it looks fine either way. I sewed everything on in matching thread, meaning I switched thread four or five times for each monster. My apologies that this red guy looks so much like a little devil. My nine-year-old thought it was pretty darn cool, though…so maybe this monster will appear to older kids.

Lastly, when stuffing you want to remember to stuff in a little at a time, and start by stuffing the small areas like arms and legs and use a pencil to poke the stuffing in nice and tight. You want to stuff these really firm, so use a lot of stuffing. Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end when you sew the opening closed. Trim if needed to make it even. I had a great time making all these monsters and my boys had fun helping — so I hope you enjoy the pattern.

Please let me know if you try it out! My 9yr old is so excited about these! Thank you!! I normally alawys just ask for three yards unless I know specifically what I am going to make from the piece of fabric. I think after sewing for so long you can pretty much guess what you need.

These are so much fun! He must have been thrilled! How cute!

felt keyring templates

Thanks for the pattern! How incredibly fun!

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