How to unlock a phone for free

On our page for solving cell device problems, you can find all free unlock codes for any mobile phone brand and model in the world.

All this time our team of software engineers worked hard and made the best software solutions for any problem whit lock restriction on your cell phone device. On our page, you can also find a lot of applications for your cell phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

How to Unlock your iPhone to Any Carrier for Free โœ…

If you search the posts on this site you will find video and audio software, animation, antivirus, malware, and data recovery tools that can make your cell phone a better device. Our team will work a lot in the future and We will always help you to get the best applications and software solutions for your device. At this time our main job is in the first place to help you to release you from the carrier restrictions that you have on your mobile phone from the company where you bye it.

When you have this carrier lock on your device you can use only a sim card from the same mobile phone provider. Well, We have our software that can generate free unlock codes to release you from this situation. Using this free unlocking codes from our page on your mobile phone you can start using your device on any carrier in the world. This is a clever way to use a lot of benefits of changing carriers.

Using a free phone unlock code for your phone you will be able to use any sim card from any company. This is very important when you use your cell phone in some other country.

Whit help from this page you can make cheap phone calls. There is no need to use the expansive roaming services on your mobile phone provider. One more advantage of this software is when you want to sell your old cell phone. If your device has carrier restrictions then his price is a lot cheaper. So if you want to sell your phone you can use free unlock code and earn more money. Also if you have stolen or lost cell phone in your hands you can use the same unlock code to start.

Until now you offer you different tools for solving this problem for some of the cell phone brands, but in this post, you will offer you all these various tools for carrier lock in one download.

Whit this unlock package codes you can unlock any cell phone brand and model in the world. So no matter if you use iPhone, Alcatel or some other cell phone brand you can unlock it whit free unlock cell phone codes from this post bellow. Whit this download you will get all our applications too for free. You will get a free antivirus program, animation software, video and audio software and all else software from our page.

When you will have it on your phone or computer you can chouse witch or them you will use it. So if you want to get rid of restriction on the cell you are in the right place. Whit our software you can unlock any mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Bellow, you can make full download on our unlock solutions tools. Now when you have free unlocked codes available on our page it is very easy to solve carrier restrictions problem on any cell phone โ€” new, old, stolen or lost. We in this story can explain how to unlock your LG phone Do you already have the need to unlock Huawei P40 โ€” the newest mobile phone device from Huawei factory?By Dan Howdle Wednesday, February 6th Unlocking your phone brings freedom to your handset.

Once it's unlocked you can use it on any network, so you can take advantage of all those cheap SIM only deals. It's a legal process, and you can sometimes unlock your phone for free.

You can unlock your phone in many ways. Whether you choose to rely on a dedicated unlocking expert or have a crack at it yourself, here's every way you can possibly do it. If you bought your phone from somewhere other than a mobile providerit might not need unlocking. It's easy to find out simply by inserting a SIM card from another provider.

If the phone works as normal then it isn't locked. If it displays a message similar to 'incompatible SIM', 'enter subsidy PIN' or 'enter network unlock code', then it is locked. The IMEI number of your handset is unique and will be required by unlocking services. This will display the digit number. It's a good idea to keep a note of this number to speed the process along.

The easiest option is simply to buy an unlock code online. You can find these codes on places like eBay โ€” though be sure to check the seller's ratings beforehand. This method can often be the cheapest way to unlock your handset beyond finding the code for free, though it isn't without its risks. You can contact your mobile provider's customer services for an unlock code. This can be the quickest way to unlock your phone. We've included a list of customer service numbers for you to call below.

Mobile provider Customer Services Number Another option is to take your handset to a phone repair shop offering mobile unlocking services. One drawback of this method is the variability in time and price. Depending on your handset's make and model, you may be able to find an unlock code online for free. The mobile provider Giffgaff's 'unlockapedia' is a searchable database of handsets and places where you can get unlock codes, some of which are provided free.

As a general rule of thumb, the older your mobile is, the more likely you'll be able to find the unlock code online for free. Newer models cannot usually be unlocked this way. Once you have your code, it's easy to unlock your phone. Simply turn your handset on and type the code in using the device's number pad.

This should unlock your phone immediately. Just don't expect much fanfare from your phone for its newfound freedom.

You may have heard that unlocking your handset is illegal. Well, it isn't.Android Internet iPhone and iPad. In the US, as in several other countries, mobile carriers sell phones with special offers or price cuts. But such phones are also often locked to their network. Here are a few ways to unlock phones for free, or for a small price, while doing it legally and risk-free. This article covers free unlock phone codes, as well as how to get your carrier to unlock your phone for free.

The US has flip-flopped on the legality of unlocking phones for some time. Yes, it is legal to unlock phones. More importantly, the FCC has mandated that all carriers should unlock phones for their consumers for free, if a consumer so desires.

How to Unlock Your Phone Using Free Unlock Phone Codes

That said, you need to know whether your phone is eligible to be unlocked. So, how can you tell if your phone is locked or not? The biggest benefit of unlocked phones is that you are no longer at the mercy of a single provider. You are free to change networks as you see fit, so that you can use the SIM that best works for you in any region of the USA.

Land in any country, buy a local SIM card, and use it. Finally, unlocked phones are excellent backup devices. SIM unlocking a phone is only about letting you use any SIM card from any carrier, as long as it is compatible.

Read More. And vice versa. You want the safest and least expensive way possible, of course. The first and best route is to go to the carrier. Providers may charge a fee to unlock eligible devices for non-customers and former customers. If your phone is eligible, then either request to unlock it online or go to a store.

Here are the direct links to contact each carrier:. Ideally, you should unlock your phone through the carrier. Note : This method is a little iffy to use with iPhones now. But what if you bought it through your mobile carrier?

Read Moreand we suggest you follow that. The internet is full of websites that sell unlock codes. Here are some of the best:.

Three Ways to Get Samsung Unlock Codes for FREE-Unlock Samsung Phone

While all of these are paid websites, you can get free unlock codes on Free Unlocks. This site is a part of the TrialPay network, by which you can get the first code from the site for free. You will need to sign up for TrialPay as a part of it, of course.

Online reports show customers of Free Unlocks repeatedly got the free codes, and successfully unlocked their phones. Fone Toolkit is a paid program for Windows, but the trial version is free. With the trial version, you can try out the SIM unlocking service for free. You will find it under the More Tools section, and you will need a USB cable to connect your phone to the computer. Fone Toolkit is a little old and might not support all Samsung phones, but it claims to work with over models across 60 countries.

Download: Wondershare Dr. Fone Toolkit for Windows Free. The next time you are buying a phone, take a moment.October 26, Tested. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work.

This article has been viewed 1, times. Learn more This wikiHow teaches you how to carrier unlock your phone. You can do this by meeting your phone's unlock criteria and then calling your carrier for an unlock code, or you can retrieve a code from a third-party unlocking service.

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Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Method 1 of Check to see if your phone is already unlocked. Many phones, such as 4G LTE phones from Verizon or the bulk of Androids, are carrier unlocked as soon as you purchase them.

Additionally, many carriers will unlock a phone for you as soon as you meet the unlock criteria. If you purchased a phone from eBay or a similar distributor, there's a decent chance that your phone is already carrier unlocked.

how to unlock a phone for free

Verify that you meet your carrier's unlocking criteria. In addition to being an unlock-compatible phone that's licensed to your carrier e. If your phone is locked for some reason, you can call Verizon customer support to have them unlock your phone for you. The phone also must not be reported as lost, stolen, blocked, or involved in illegal activity. If your phone is pre-paid, you must have had the phone active for a year, while phones on payment plans must have been on the plan for at least 40 days.

Check your phone's IMEI number.In this tutorial about cell phone solutions, you can find one of the best methods on how to unlock phone free with IMEI number using official methods.

There is no better mobile phone device than the one produced and designed by the Apple Company. One can never have enough of these devices. The mobile network industry is very well aware of this. They take advantage of the situation and have thought of a smart plan that will keep everyone happy: the customers, the mobile network providers, and the manufacturers.

I can speak for iPhone devices but not need to worry. This method work for any Cell Phone models. This is one of the best and official methods to unlock a locked phone using IMEI unlock method. Using this SN you can unlock your phone to work on any sim card worldwide. Now everyone can have an iPhone thanks to these brilliant schemes. The contract you signed with them is just something secondary not worth thinking about now that you have the iPhone of your dreams.

To be honest, having a SIM lock iPhone is not the most excellent situation. If you meet these criteria then you are more than eligible for the SIM unlock procedure for your iPhone, and these are the steps you need to follow:. If you have a locked phone on Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile network, you can use the sem method if go on the official network provider websites.

This is one of the best and free IMEI unlocks methods in the world. It needs you some help, you can write in comment bellow. We can respond to you. William Bell is the founder of UnlockBaseCodes who works on content editing, video and audio. I'm a programmer The device must to not be reported or lost or even stolen for the SIM unlock to be efficient. No fraud should be connected with that particular iPhone device you want to unlock. You must clear all the bills connected to your iPhone.

Fill in the form that you will find there and finish the order with making a payment. Install the latest version of iTunes on your laptop or PC. You will be asked to set up a new account by the iTunes app. Agree to the new terms and conditions. Click continue and finish up the unlock procedure. IMEI Unlock. Related Posts. Show Comments No Responses Yet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Further reading How to track a phone How to root an Android device Best smartphones.

Unlocking your phone gives you more freedom.

how to unlock a phone for free

Once you have unlocked a device, you can use it with any mobile carrier. If you want to unlock your phone and use it on a different network, you will need to reach out and ask your carrier to unlock your device. Here is what this process looks like with different carriers. The difficulty of unlocking a phone can vary from carrier-to-carrier, and what is a straightforward process with one can be a pain with another.

Make sure as many of the following are at hand before you start to unlock your phone. Despite not doing so previously, Verizon now locks its devices โ€” but in fairness, it only does so for a short time.

This rule applies to both postpaid and prepaid devices, and the lock will be automatically removed after the 60 days are up. You may also have to call Verizon support at to start the process. Just put in your new SIM and enjoy your new network. T-Mobile may well be the Uncarrier, but it has some very similar criteria for unlocking to other carriers. However, not all phones are compatibleso you can otherwise unlock your phone through a live chat with a T-Mobile customer representative, or by calling from a T-Mobile device, or from any other phone.

Sprint says that domestic SIM card-based devices launched after will automatically unlock when they become eligible, and that crowd of active phones is decreasing all the time. Be prepared to potentially force an over-the-air update to get it unlocked, and you may have to submit to extra validation to ensure your device can be unlocked. Also, you and any relatives on the same account must be active members of a branch of the United States military and must have overseas deployment papers, if applicable.

Uniquely, Sprint offers short-term unlocking for international travel. Assuming you meet the above requirements, you can log into your online account and navigate to the relevant page. Since February 1,all of U. Cellular about unlocking.

how to unlock a phone for free

Cellular device or on another device. Like other carriers, U. If it sounds like your device might fall under that, you can contact U. Cellular on from a U. As is usual, deployed military personnel can get their device unlocked by presenting their deployment papers, as long as their account has no past-due balance.

There are, of course, folks who have prepaid and paid-in-full devices. Unlocking these is, for the most part, relatively straightforward. While there was already a generalized unlocking policy, the Cellular Telephone Industries Association CTIA put forth a set of standardized unlocking policies for cell phones and tablets.

The agreed-upon terms require carriers to unlock a phone paid in full, or a prepaid phone in service for a year, if a subscriber makes such a request. Cellular providers also have to alert subscribers when their handsets are eligible for an unlock. Finally, carriers must unlock phones for U. SprintT-MobileU. Third-party unlocking services, by and large, differ only in name. Most of them work in the same way: You make your way to a website, provide payment in exchange for an unlock code, and wait for the code to arrive via email.

But like everything out there, third-party services can be risky. Make sure to check websites like Trustpilot being making any decisions and especially before sending over any cash. Reputable unlocking services often have customer support lines to assist with code issues.A landmark bill finally went into action this week that will allow American cellular customers to unlock their smartphones for free.

The process of unlocking may vary between mobile service providers, but you can rest assured that you are now entitled, by law, to carrier-unlock your smartphone. Carriers had until February 10, to bring their policies into compliance with this bill, so from that day forth, ridiculous unlocking fees are a thing of the past, bringing the U. Some eligibility requirements apply, of course, but I'll outline the process of carrier-unlocking a mobile device in more detail below.

Phones that are purchased from a particular carrier are, for the most part, "locked" to that carrier's mobile network. This means that even if you had a SIM card from another carrier, it simply wouldn't work in your device. Let's say you are travelling abroad. You can purchase a prepaid SIM card at the airport when you land at your destination, but will it work in your phone? The short answer is noโ€”unless, of course, you've carrier-unlocked your device.

How to Unlock Phone for Free (For All the Smartphones Devices)

If this was the case, your phone is no longer restricted to its original network, and is now free to operate on any carrier you choose. In the U. But, there's a big drawback to this system. Technically speaking, you do not own your smartphone in this scenario until you've completed your service contract.

how to unlock a phone for free

This means that until you've paid the 24th monthly bill in a 2-year service agreement, the phone still belongs to your carrier. People who fall into this scenario are not eligible to take advantage of this new law. You can only carrier-unlock your phone for free if you meet the following requirements:. That last requirement is a bit tricky. Your carrier is only required to unlock your phone for free if you are still their customer.

However, if you are still a customer with the device's original service provider, they are obligated to unlock your device free of charge upon request. The easiest way to unlock your eligible device for free would be to give your carrier a call. You'll need to do this because your carrier can provide you with your device's Master Subsidy Lock, also known as MSL. With that number in-hand, you can go about unlocking your device. You should also be aware of your device's connectivity capabilities.

This means that a Sprint or Verizon phone will probably not work on any other carrier in the world even if it's unlocked. If you'd like to know what carrier networks your phone supports, have a look at this guide from Andrew.

This will serve as an easy way to know if your unlocked cell phone will work on a different network. How easy was the process of unlocking your phone with your particular carrier? Get a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for all your devices with a one-time purchase from the new Gadget Hacks Shop, and watch Hulu or Netflix without regional restrictions. What Is Carrier Unlocking?

You can only carrier-unlock your phone for free if you meet the following requirements: You purchased the phone outright; or You have completed any associated service contract; and Are still a customer with the original service provider That last requirement is a bit tricky.

Okay, I'm Eligible. Cellular Unlock Page You should also be aware of your device's connectivity capabilities. Get The Newsletter. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Hot Latest.

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