Ielts practice test 5 reading answers

It will surely help you to find out the answers from the passage. Note: This type of question maintains a sequence. So, if you find the answer to question 2 in the first few lines of Paragraph 2, look for the answer to question 1 in paragraph 1. Strategies to answer the questions: This post may help you to answer this type of question easily.

But, in our question, the phrase is the thickest bark. Here, the word thickest is in superlative form of adjective, which means this tree has to be in the rank no. There is no such comparison in the passage and it means that our answer is not available in the passage. Keywords for the question: synthetic cork, same cellular structure, natural cork.

Here, there is a clear contradiction or disagreement between the question and the above-quoted text from the passage. The question says, scientists have developed or discovered or invented an artificial synthetic cork that matches the cellular structure of natural cork.

Here, the word replicate may create confusion as a new or unknown word, which means duplicate or same. Keywords for the question: individual, 25 years, the first and second harvest. Take a close look at paragraph 4, which talks about the harvesting of an individual cork oak tree. So, the gap is 10 years, not 25 years.

Note: If there is only a numeric number difference between the question and the passage, the answer is always False.

ielts practice test 5 reading answers

Here is a picture to explain question no. Keywords for the question: stripped, dry atmospheric conditions. The word stripped is directly mentioned in paragraph 4 Follow the order of the text from the previous question. This text agrees with the question, but in a reverse pattern.

So, the bark should not be stripped in damp atmospheric conditions; rather, it needs to be stripped in dry atmospheric conditions. So, the answer is: TRUE. Keywords for the question: only way, remove, by hand. Note: This type of question is nothing more than filling in the blanks.

Read the title of the note, which is very important to have an idea about the questions and targeted paragraphs to find the answers. Keywords for the question: affect, bottle contents. The tiniest concentrations — as little as three or four parts to a trillion — can spoil the taste of the product contained in the bottle. The result has been a gradual yet steady move first towards plastic stoppers and, more recently, to aluminium screw caps. So, it can be said that aluminium screw caps do not affect the taste of the product inside the bottle.

So, the answer is: taste. So, we can gather the meaning from here that they are cheaper to produce and more convenient for the user. Keywords for the question: suit, quality products. It is because you have to choose noun between noun and adjective. So, the answer is: image. Recycling often is linked with the material. So the author is referring to its material here.Read the text, answer all the questions and click "check" to see your mistakes. After that, you can proceed to the next section.

There are 3 sections in total and you have 60 minutes to complete them all. You should spend about 20 minutes on Questionswhich are based on Reading Passage 1 below. B The team has begun making 3-D maps that offer the clearest look yet at the underwater mountain, which covers an area the size of New Mexico. In the coming months, the maps will be refined and the data analyzed, with the ultimate goal of figuring out how the mountain was formed.

ielts practice test 5 reading answers

C It's possible that the western edge of Tamu Massif is actually a separate mountain that formed at a different time, says William Sager, a geologist at the University of Houston who led the expedition. That would explain some differences between the western part of the mountain and the main body.

D The team also found that the massif as such a massive mountain is known is highly pockmarked with craters and cliffs. A working theory is that a large plume of hot mantle rock may have contributed additional heat and material, a fairly novel idea. E Tamu Massif lies about 1, miles 1, kilometers east of Japan. It is a rounded dome, or shield volcano, measuring by miles by kilometers. Sager published a paper in that said the main rise of Tamu Massif is most likely a single volcano, instead of a complex of multiple volcanoes that smashed together.

F The team used sonar and magnetometers which measure magnetic fields to map more than a million square kilometers of the ocean floor in great detail. When the team replaced the device with a spare, that unit was nearly ripped off by more sharks. The magnetic field research suggests the mountain formed relatively quickly, sometime around million years ago.

Part of the volcano sports magnetic "stripes," or bands with different magnetic properties, suggesting that lava flowed out evenly from the mid-ocean ridges over time and changed in polarity each time Earth's magnetic field reversed direction. The central part of the peak is more jumbled, so it may have formed more quickly or through a different process. Sager hopes the analysis will also help explain about a dozen other similar features on the ocean floor, as well as add to the overall understanding of plate tectonics.

What paragraph has the following information? Write the correct letter, A-Hin boxes on your answer sheet. Possible explanation of the differences between parts of the mountain.

Size data. A new way of looking. Problem with sharks. Uncertainty of the anomalies. Equipment which measures magnetic fields. The start of making maps. A working theory. A large plume of rock may have contributed additional heat and material. Tamu Massif is aor shield volcano. Replacing the device with a didn't help, as that unit was nearly ripped off by more sharks. Sager believes that the magnetic anomalies were caused by something more than from the ridges.Can anyone help as it seems that order is not being followed?

God bless you all. Ah Sare test kaffi aa reading li please anyone tell me??? And is ch maximum kina score awa then apa eligible aa paper li please anyone tell me ma paper daina hun. Kindly offer a resolution… Thanks. First of all your site is very lexical. They seem to be very difficult in some instances, is the same difficulties in actually exam too? Heartfelt thank you ieltsfever! I scored overall 7 and reading stood at 7!

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For me that is a great achievement because initially I was unable to complete all the three passages on time! But your mock tests, particularly reading pdfs helped me like anything! Courtesy once again!?? Hi, I think there was a mistake or I made a mistake in reading test 4 in the first paragraph question8. So I chose answer C, but in answer sheet it is B. Can you please help?

Sir can you please upload the locations for answrs or any link where i can find them. Thnk you do much. Sir, can you please upload the locations for the answers. Sir,can you please upload the locations for the answers. I shall be grateful to you. Thnk you so much for uploading theses useful readings.

Only answers are not sufficient. The hints and locations of answers are must. Para no. And liberals no. The way TCY sends. Can you please tell me that is it sufficient for exam that we just prepare 50 reading for exam actually I filled the exam on 10 August please i have very less time so please suggest me that 50 readings are enough for exam.

I have done a reading practice paper on the top it was named as academic reading Can you plz send me answers of this?In total 12 questions, 6 questions are Matching Headings form, 1 questions are Sentence Completion form, 5 questions are Plan, map, diagram labelling form.

Part 3. It has difficult test in this module and you can not able to have more than 16 correct answer if your level of English is medium! Building Better Sentences: For further practice with the sentences and paragraphs in this part of the unit, go to Practice 7 on pages — in Appendix 1.

Variety is the spice of life. Life is as tedious as a twice-told tale. Here you can hang out with friends and family members.

How do you feel about advertisements? Now divide the whiteboard into two. Topics include science, geography, health, American history, and more! Vocabulary skills are an asset to, but not a substitute for, reading skill. A soft answer turneth away wrath. Such fees related to gasoline, transportation delivery, staff management and other types of insurance are way beyond the pocket of suppliers. For instance, people in Perth, Western Australia can go to the inner city and celebrate Chinese New Year which provides a fascinating insight into Chinese culture.

Then during the lesson, you will be asked questions about the article's content, you will also be allowed time to re-read or scan the article during the lesson to help you with the answers.

War is a horrible thing, and constantly more horrible and dreadful. A huge collection of response pages designed in an engaging notebook format. When you do your IELTS test preparations, make sure to train yourself for the reading test this exact way. Reading should always be an enjoyable experience! What to expect in ielts Reading test? How to score 7 plus in ielts test? Give them about 5 minutes. Who said language learning can't be fun and exciting?

Read more here FluentU English; This site is very well classified by levels, addressing a variety of topics of general interest that are really useful. By making some changes every now and then we can add that much needed variety to our lives and spice things up. An increasing number of people change their career and place of residence several times during their life time. They are not, however, real IELTS tests; they are designed to practise exam technique to help students to face the IELTS test with confidence and to perform to the best of their ability.

Common Core aligned. Reading opens the door to a child's early academic success, imparts a love of learning and leads to higher grades in every subject. In short answer questions you have to choose a word from the reading to complete the sentence. Use a pencil. You should write at least words. Growth of civilization.

ielts practice test 5 reading answers

Italy 2. Read this sentence from from the text. Test format — Listening Test on figures of speech with answers. Reading Practice Test 2.November 22, November 16, November 14, November 8, November 1, May 29, October 25, March 31, March 27, March 23, March 20, October 19, June 7, June 4, May 28, May 31, May 24, March 18, April 13, March 2, March 24, May 26, May 22, May 17, May 16, April 17, April 14, Questions Do the following statements agree with the information in the passage?

A every night B every other afternoon C on the weekend D at night in port. To qualify for the program, students have to be able to [23]………………….We realise that in paragraph 5, the writer describes the moulding process by using the passive voice, whereas, questions in the flow chart are inthe active voice. For example:. Which two of the following factors influencing the design of Bakelite objects are mentioned in the text? So option A is false.

This means that the old styles in the s are still in use and practical, not the fashionable styles. It became…the material of a thousand uses. Scientists were keen on Latin because its audience was socially restricted i.

Linguistic inadequacy included the lack of necessary technical vocabulary and grammatical resources. However, there is no information about competition between scientists in the passage. The discovery of magnetism is one of many other inventions.

IELTS Preparation 5

And the most important scientific revolution of them all were the new theories of astronomy and movement of the earth in relation to the planet and stars developed by Copernicus.

This work is largely narrative in style, based on a transcript of oral demonstrations and lectures. Hence, popular science was written in English.Dear students in this post you will get the answers for academic reading practice test 5 answers providing by IELTSFever. Also, share with your friends and one more thing dear students in the future we are working on an android and iPhone application which helps you, how you can find the correct answers from the passage.

This will help you to improve yourself in a high band score. We also need your suggestions for this application. Dear students, please share your experience with our website and application in comments then we make website and android according to you also visit our speaking and listening category to get the latest cue cards and latest practice tests free of cost.

You can also join and participate in our mock test which we conduct on Sundays and mock test on readinglistening, and writing and check yourself.

ielts practice test 5 reading answers

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