Stoeger longfowler

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Stoeger Uplander Longfowler 12 Ga, A-Grade Satin Walnut, 30" Barrel

We guarantee to replace or repair any defective firearm for the life of the original purchaser. For details, see our Lifetime Warranty Policy. The first side-by-side shotgun was invented in England, even before the first shotgun shell was ever conceived. This ageless design has not only thali in dream meaning around a long time, but in recent years it has Cowboy shooting has made the Stoeger Coach Gun one of the most popular side-by-sides in the market today.

Shooters called for more refinement, and Stoeger answered. The Coach Gun Supreme offers Sign in Register. Home Guns Shotguns.

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If you would like to place an order for the item, you may place a backorder. Store Inventory. You may be able to get this item at your store today.Moderator: Rev. Posted: Sun May 19, am. Overall it was ranked 7th out of the 9 shotguns the tested, and a Great Buy! Are you kidding me? Lots of tool marks showing through it's matte finish, checkering the quality of something produced by a jr high shop class, and poor wood to metal fit. Yet they say the value for the price earned it the Great Buy award.

The same issue of Outdoor Life magazine also tested deer pee against human pee. I can't tell you which pee came out on top cause I was laughing so hard about the outdoor experts that Outdoor Life uses that the milk I was drinking came out my nose and soaked the rag. I dried it out in trash fire where it belonged. If they ask you how you came to this conclusion, just tell them that although you've never actually seen the gun in question, you saw a photo of it so you know you're right.

I'm sure they'll apologize and bow down before your expertise. To further boost your stature, also be sure to tell them that you stayed at a Holiday Inn last night. Your palpable dislike of anything Stoeger remains highly entertaining.

While Brazil is know for designing and producing some fine looking bikini swimwear, their cheap shotguns don't look that good. I don't automatically believe anything published in Outdoor Life, but they are funny, like the old Mad Magazines. Who else would compare deer pee with human pee? Or, name a Longfouler a great buy? I'm still laughing about those articles.

That's funny right there, I don't care who you are. Posted: Sun May 19, pm. Why should someone have to own a gun that is obviously badly built, to have an opinion about it? There are some guns that someone who knows enough to have a meaningful opinion, wouldn't waste his money on.

That's really not a legitimate way to challenge someone's opinion. It's the Opinions Forum, after all; it's OK to have an opinion that bashes something.

stoeger longfowler

I won a SxS Stoeger 28 ga. It taught me to appreciate what a 28 gauge can do. I've upgraded to a much nicer one, but it did function pretty well. While I have no personal knowledge of the gun in question and have no desire to become familiar with one, I have heard that they are a pretty reliable field gun if somewhat crude in finish. A reliable 7 lb. Perfect if you want to reliably miss. I can't argue with that! So let me revise my comments I have heard that if you attach a block and tackle to the triggers they will work reliably.

Hi All: A chap at our local club shoot the Stoger Condor for his skeet gun. At 10, rounds the rib on his 20 gage came loose near the muzzzle.

Other than that, he has had no problems with the other guns! He has one for each gage as used in skeet.Discussion in ' Shotguns ' started by okiediver72Jul 30, Log in or Sign up.

Stoeger Choke Tubes

Jul 30, 1. I want something to hunt with, so it's going to dinged up and I don't want to cringe everytime that happens. However, that being said, I know that you generally get what you pay for, so I'm trying to avoid having to find another corner to hide away a piece of junk. Jul 30, 2. Stoeger is owned by Benelli. They seem to be pretty well made for the money. Fit and finish seem good. From what I have read they seem to be worth the money and should hold up well to field use.

I would also look at the Remington Spartan line. Jul 30, 3. Never had a problem with either one of themAnd you cant beat the price. Jul 30, 4. Mmmmm, all I suggest is to please check the trigger pull before buying. Jul 30, 5. H-BARJul 30, Jul 31, 6.

Stoeger Longfowler O/U

Not the best fit and finish but they do the job at hand. Feb 14, 7.Sign up for our e-mail newsletter for special offers, discount coupons and more. LOG IN. Other Adaptive Tactical 5. American Tactical Armscor Ammunition 5. Barrett Firearms 8. Benelli Firearms Beretta 2. Beretta Firearms Breda Browning Arms Century Firearms 7. Charles Daly 2. Chiappa Firearms Cimarron Firearms 1.

CVA Firearms 4. Dickinson Arms EAA Firearms Escort Shotguns 7. Fabarm USA Fausti 7. FN Herstal Fostech Outdoors 1.

Franchi Firearms Henry Repeating Arms Howa Firearms Inter Ordnance Firearms 2. Interstate Arms Israeli Weapon Industries 1. Kalashnikov USA 2. Kel-Tec Many reviews also say that the Stoeger Condor is a reliable shotgun that is excellent for both hunting fowl and for shooting clay targets. Condor Competition. Condor Field. Condor Supreme. Condor Outback. Condor Longfowler.

Condor Youth. Stoeger is a manufacturer that has a line of shotguns that are all in the budget price range like the Condor. Despite the lower price, the shotgun is rugged and good quality to boot. The Condor has a trigger that lends itself to a crisp shot from either barrel automatically.

You can also add a choke tub if you so desire. With barrels between 22 and 30 inches, the length is fantastic for clay shooting. Youth models are also available in the gauge model. Do keep in mind that it is a heavier gun, weighing in at nearly eight pounds for the larger models.

There are good and bad points to this. For one, a heavier gun will give you a lower recoil because the weight is better able to absorb the kick. Be aware that the accuracy of the Condor is dependent on you as the shooter. It will shoot the exact same way every single time you press the trigger. The Stoeger Condor is made to last. These shotguns have rightfully earned a reputation for being workhorses. Stoeger is also part of the Beretta Holding Group, and so have a direct connection to the legendary firearms manufacturer.

The performance is stellar throughout the entire Condor line. The shotguns can also go through all types of rounds with the exception of steel shot. Differences include the gauge, barrel length, weight, and overall length. They all have the same length of pull LOP. Weight varies from around six pounds to just under eight pounds.

To go into a little more depth, Benelli shotguns have their patented Inertia Drive Bolt System to enhance performance and still keep the overall design simple. The Condor also comes with a brass bead sight with the exception of the Double Defense model. That one comes with a fiber-optic sight. Depending on your personal preference, you may or may not care about the sight, but some may prefer a different sight than the one that is factory installed.Simple, lightweight, and compact, the Stoeger Coach gun is not only best used for Cowboy Action shooting but can also double as your home-defense shotgun.

Learn more about this beauty as you read on.

stoeger longfowler

The Stoeger Coach gun comes in single or double triggers. The double triggers are the standard ones, giving you the choice of barrels between its improved cylinder and modified chokes.

Though it takes a bit of getting used to, I personally like the double triggers and how this beauty provides you the liberty to select the best one to use depending on the situation.

This classic is definitely your best bet for home defense or competition shootouts. Image via Booligan Airsoft. As its name suggests, the Stoeger Coach is a coach gun designed after those used by stagecoach guards in the Old West. Originally, the Stoeger Coach was built for Cowboy Action shooting but this beauty can be a perfect choice for some clay target shooting and bird hunting as well. These guns are being distributed by Stoeger Industries and manufactured in Brazil by E. Image via mannyCA.

Available in different gauges such as. With the simplicity of the Stoeger Coach guns, it is one of the effective tools you can have for home defense. Its barrel length and weight are designed for quick handling and it has a pretty uncomplicated break-open design. Basically, this beauty can be used by anyone.

Image via ar Join PatriotPlanet. Image via James Fauset. I guess as long as the two-round capacity would not be an issue for you, this compact and easy-to-use shotgun is a winner. The Stoeger Coach gun could be your go-to firearm when it comes to home defense, hunting, and action shooting. Do you own a Stoeger Coach gun? What can you say about this beauty? Share your experience with this shotgun by posting a comment below! Featured image via arMost reviews take a gun out of the box, take a few pictures, shoot maybe 25 or 50 rounds out of it and then write it up.

I could have done the same thing last year when I bought the Stoeger Condor with 12 and 20 gauge barrel set, but I decided to put several thousand rounds through it so we could see how it held up.

When I was deciding whether or not to purchase the Condor, I was actually trying to find an inexpensive over-and-under shotgun to use for upland birds and sporting clays. I expected to only shoot maybe shells per month and figured that a budget gun would be fine. There were many reviews out there that said the Condor was a solid, well-built gun and others that said that it fell apart in their hands after only 50 shots.

That would allow me to shoot sub-gauge events in Sporting Clays and use a lighter gauge to hunt with if I choose. When it arrived, it was as-promised, new-in-box, no marks or defects.

stoeger longfowler

The first time I put it together, I noticed that it was very hard to open. I just took the stock off, cleaned up the mechanicals real good and re-lubed them. I am not a fan of the forearm release mechanism on the Steoger. Unfortunately the wheel is near where my left hand is while shooting. It never fully released, but it was annoying.

Easy and cheap to fix, but certainly not well thought-out. The level style release mechanisms found on most breach guns is far better.

Other than a trivial annoyance with the release, the gun seemed well put together for a gun in this price range. This is similar to how Mossberg does it on their Silver Reserve over-and-unders. The block is jeweled which should give it some longevity and is certainly more pleasant to look at than a simple blued block. The extractor is a simple one piece mechanism that will push both shells out far enough to make pulling them out easy. Both shells will always come up, regardless of which barrel has or has not fired.

The bead is a typical field gold bead on the muzzle with no mid-bead. The trigger has a little play in it, but nothing too disturbing for non-competitive shooting. I took it to the patterning board and put 3 shots on the board at 20 yards with an improved cylinder, extended choke from Briley. A cheek pad would raise the point-of-impact POI if I really got too concerned about it.

The cast. The next trial for the Stoeger Condor Combo, was a trip to a Sporting Clays range to see how it would act in the field. The first day it saw action, it saw targets. The stiff-opening action was a slight pain, but manageable — I knew it would loosen up after a few hundred rounds.

There were no failures to fire, the gun pointed and shot great. It is just under 7 and a half pounds and has a decent recoil pad. The gun was easy to take apart and clean that night. No weird wear marks or anything to tell me that the gun was going to fall-apart at any minute. I decided to try my hand an skeet and got addicted — so much so that I decided to prepare for competition.

I knew I was going to have to upgrade to a B-Gun browning, Beretta, Benelli for a competition class gun, but until then I would just work with the Stoeger. Starting in December, I averaged 3, shells a month in practice.

Towards the end of January I noticed two things. The breech release lever was closer to centerline to be expected after roughly 5, rounds through an inexpensive gun and the piece of metal that covers the space between the barrels had started to come up near the receiver. The metal piece is entirely cosmetic and would be easy to re-solder, but release lever indicated that the gun would be shooting loose in another 5, or so rounds.

I have been shooting 20 gauge for the last month and have put about 2, rounds through those barrels. The lock-up is tight and the release lever is right-of-centerline, pretty much where it started.

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