Who left wtae

The information on this page is not up to date. If you have any updates or would like to add your listing to this page, please fill out the form below. I had the honor and pleasure of working with and knowing some of the greatest radio folks ever and just great people!! Email is kabrams aol. Been at WTOP since In i launched WSOX. Pittsburgh is my hometown. Almost graduated — but was hired as an original B94 jock in May to do nights.

Went crosstown to A brief retirement from full-time radio and a return to college studies felt like a good thing to do after new ownership and management suggested it. Rich can be contacted at antonrs netzero. Later returned to his home state of Connecticut. When WCBS-FM returned to the air in he returned to the afternoon drive shift but left in citing health reasons.

He later returned to the Pittsburgh area to talk about weather, but in school and community productions and his vantriloquist dummies. He retired in April When former chief meteorologist Jeff Verzela was laid up from an injury, Bowman returned for several weeks to fill the void… and then retired again! Retired to Florida. More recently, Susan has been the founder and head of Afterschool Buddy. Now retired. Left broadcasting to go into a home-based operation.

who left wtae

She later returned to WPXI as the late night anchor but left again and eventually started her own company. You can read more at dariethchisolm. You can reach me at jchristopher equitymusicgroup. On the beach now, attending California University of PA. Now she anchors from p. Cox passed away suddenly in September of In he helped turn around a company that was acquired by GE Capital Mortgage Corporation, where he was vice president, corporate communications. He went into business for himself in the mids providing communications consulting to organizations as diverse as executive search firms and the United Nations.

In the late s, he set up the American branch of an Australian audio magazine company where he was CEO and editor in chief. His last position before retiring was as president of a small pharmaceutical company.The day commemorates the birthday of John Jeffries who was born on Feb. Jeffries, a scientist and a surgeon, is considered to be one of America's first weather observers, keeping climatological records from to Pittsburgh's history of quality TV meteorologists doesn't go back quite that far, but it is a long one.

But who is the favorite Pittsburgh meteorologist today? Let's find out via a Pittsburgh Patch poll. Which one do you like the best? Let us know by clicking on the link and taking this completely unscientific survey.

Harvey has won an Emmy award for weathercasting excellence and captured a best newscast Emmy for "Eye on the storm" during severe weather coverage. He has been chosen as weathercaster of the year by the Associated Press.

He's a member of the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society and has received the CBM designation from the American Meteorological Society, the highest certification given by the organization. Verszyla has been delivering forecasts on KDKA since He also is a trained weather spotter for the Pittsburgh office of the National Weather Service.

Cropper has been delivering forecasts in the Pittsburgh area for nearly two decades. Cropper also is a graduate of the Duquesnee University School of Law and is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania as well as the U. District Court of Pennsylvania. Benson joined WPXI in as a part-time weekend forecaster. He has a certificate in broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State University and is a member of the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society. Burnett delivers the weekend forecasts at KDKA.

He joined the station in as co-host of "Evening Magazine. The Lawrence County native earned her broadcast meteorology degree from Mississippi State University. Emery, who joined the station inholds a journalism degree from West Virginia University. She was nominated for an Emmy for her work covering a deadly tornado outbreak in Alabama in Harbaugh joined WPXI in He has a journalism degree from Ohio University and has a certificate in broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State University.

He's been with KDKA since A graduate of Kent State University, Smock majored in broadcast journalism and then continued her education at Mississippi State University, where she obtained her operational meteorology certificate in She also has an associate's degree in public affairs from the Community College of the Air Force.

She joined WPXI in She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Texas and has a broadcast meteorology certificate from Mississippi State University. Lonnie Dench, the husband of the Arizona grandmother who mistakenly invited a stranger to Thanksgiving dinner, died from the coronavirus. By Beth Dalbey, Patch Staff.

Jim Krenn On Leaving WDVE

Nearby Places. In celebration of National Weatherperson's Day, Patch thought it would be a good time for a poll on the topic. Back to the Pittsburgh Patch. Read more local news from Pittsburgh. Find out what's happening in Pittsburgh with free, real-time updates from Patch.

You're now signed up for local updates. Daily Newsletter The latest Pittsburgh news delivered to your inbox every morning.It has been owned by the Hearst Television subsidiary of Hearst Communications since the station's inception, making this one of two stations that have been built and signed on by Hearst the other being WBAL-TV in Baltimore.

From the beginning, the Hearst Corporation has been involved in the station's ownership. How the station came to be was the result of a long and complicated drama surrounding the awarding of the station's construction permit and ultimate broadcast license.

Further development of stations in Pittsburgh was halted by the Federal Communications Commission FCC 's freeze on license awards, which ran from until For reasons that were both technical and financial, both stations were short-lived.

Meanwhile, revisions to the VHF allocation table had given the Pittsburgh area three additional channels—4, 11and 13the latter reserved for non-commercial educational purposes. The channel 4 frequency on which WTAE-TV began operations during the analog television era was originally allocated to suburban McKeesportin Allegheny County ; other official documents have listed the community of license as Irwinin Westmoreland County.

Hearings on the channel 4 permit opened inand it was originally granted by the FCC to the owners of KQV radio in The subsequent reconsideration awarded channel 4 to Hearst. The agency's commissioners were divided on how to break the stalemate to the satisfaction of both winning parties, and suggested a merger between Hearst and the KQV group, who sold their radio station to ABC in order to appease FCC cross-ownership restrictions.

Shortly before the station signed on, the FCC moved the channel 4 assignment to Pittsburgh proper following several years of petitioning by then- Pittsburgh mayor and future Governor of Pennsylvania David L. However, the FCC had recently changed its rules so that channel 4 could have based its main studio in Pittsburgh, even if it had been licensed in McKeesport or Irwin.

Senator from FloridaGeorge Smathers led to televised U. House hearings with both Lawrence and Smathers testifying in Both were eventually exonerated with Governor Lawrence claiming that in fact it was the city's solicitors office whose director he appointed which may have been guilty of any improper influence, with Smathers and Lawrence merely fulfilling their duty to their respective constituents. Aside from the ABC affiliation, the two stations are not related.

WTAE-TV has run the Project Bundle Up Auction where local businesses donate products to be auctioned off, and the Project Bundle Up Telethonwhere viewers call in to donate money, businesses donate money and all of the proceeds from the auction and telethon benefit the Salvation Army. In Junea WTAE-TV staff photographer was charged with a sexual crime when an alleged victim stated that the photographer had inappropriate physical contact with her.

The photographer arrived in a WTAE-TV news vehicle with station equipment and claimed he was doing an interview, although WTAE-TV management claims that he was not on duty at the time—even though he was using station resources.

In addition to those areas, WTAE-TV can also be seen on several out-of-market cable systems throughout northwestern and central Pennsylvania, and several locations in eastern and northeast Ohio. The station's digital signal is multiplexed :. WTAE-TV shut down its analog signal, over VHF channel 4, on June 12,the official date in which full-power television stations in the United States transitioned from analog to digital broadcasts under federal mandate.

The station's digital signal continued to broadcast on its pre-transition UHF channel WTAE-TV operates a watt digital broadcast translator on channel 22 [17] to cover portions of the northern Pittsburgh area which were unable to receive channel 4's digital signal.

Loving was dropped from the daytime lineup in January and moved to overnights, then dropped from the schedule altogether in In the early years, Channel 4 was best known in the market for its locally originated entertainment programming, including popular early program late night movie show Shock Theatrewhich was hosted by former Pittsburgh radio disc jockey Bob Drews, who portrayed Sir Rodger often misspelled as Sir Roger. Shock Theatre featured monster movies such as The Invisible Man and Frankenstein in-between live-action comedic skits.

Channel 4 has carried Live! The team has produced an interactive show called '4 the Live' which incorporates celebrity guests, seasonal events, and a viewer engagement segment over social media.Its transmitter is located in Buena Vista, Pennsylvania and its studios are located in the Pittsburgh suburb of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. Channel 4, originally allocated to Irwin, Pennsylvania in Westmoreland Countywas moved to Pittsburgh in the mid s.

This came about because Pittsburgh mayor David L. WTAE is the only TV station affiliated with a major network in Pittsburgh to have not changed hands in ownership: Hearst owned 50 percent of the television station when it was launched and became its sole owner in In the early years, Channel 4 was best known in the market for its locally originated entertainment programming, most notably the after-school children's shows: [ citation needed ]. Drews was a former Pittsburgh radio disc jockey who also wrote a satire magazine called Thimk.

Drews interspersed comedic live-action skits within the movie and also was famous for his haircut, the Sir Rodger Clip. Little is known of what became of Drews after the show left the air in the early s. WTAE has run the Project Bundle Up Auction which is an auction where local businesses donate products to be auctioned off, and the Project Bundle Up Telethon a traditional telethon where viewers call in to donate money, businesses donate money and all of the proceeds from the auction and telethon benefit the Salvation Army.

One of these shows was One Life to Livewhich it passed on from its debut up untilwhen the serial went to an hour-long format. The station cut back its Saturday morning newscast to three hours, but it still runs a news-intensive schedule, alongside its top-rated syndicated first-run talk shows. WTAE is still available on cable in all of those markets today. In addition to those areas, WTAE can also be seen on several out-of-market cable systems throughout northwestern and central Pennsylvaniaand several locations in eastern and northeast Ohio.

It was later determined that the movie showing was not a violation of FCC regulations. In MarchWTAE applied for FCC authorization to build a watt digital broadcast translator on channel 22 [2 ] to cover portions of the northern Pittsburgh area which are currently unable to receive channel 4's digital signal.

From then on the market was competitive [ citation needed ]and Long would continue to be Channel 4's lead news presence well into the s before easing into a more "senior" role. Sports has also been a major division at WTAE.

who left wtae

The last sports director was Andrew Stockey, who left the position in to become an news anchor. In Junethe station expanded its news production, adding a Saturday morning newscast from 8 a. The station also extended its weekday early evening newscast to begin at 5 p. Inthe station expanded its Sunday morning newscast by an hour and began to air its Saturday morning newscast from 6 to 10 a.

Today, WTAE offers four-and-a-half hours of live news each day. Connelly is famous for producing and hosting her own talk show, The Jean Connelly Show.

On Monday, September 15,WTAE became the second station in the market to launch local news and weather in High Definition ; however, as of Augustfield reports are still in Ordinarily, reporters don't like to keep mum about a potentially big story. But for months now, the news staffers over at WTAE Channel 4 have been doing just that -- with a story that involves their own well being.

Now that story is beginning to surface. And WTAE employees are asking for the public's help in ensuring it has a happy ending.

But talks on a new contract with the station's owner, the Hearst Corporation, have gone precisely nowhere. Until now, employees have been loath to raise the issue publicly. But as frustration with the bogged-down talks has increased, that has been changing. Which is where you, dear reader, come in. And just this week, it put out an online petition urging station General Manager Michael Hayes to "bargain fairly" with the on-air folks.

What's new is that we now intend to reach out to friends within our greater Pittsburgh community and engage them as well. Despite this outreach, WTAE employees were wary of speaking on the record about the dispute, or the working environment at the station. There are a variety of reasons for their wariness, including sanctions for speaking out contained in their existing personal contracts with the station.

But off the record, employees have told me that some of the most serious concerns involve not pay, but things like scheduling issues: workers being required to put in very long hours at a stretch, having to put in extra shifts on short notice, working overtime without proper pay or comp-time, and so on. Anchors often find themselves with even less protection from additional assignments. A litany of complaints posted at the Fairness 4 WTAE Facebook page -- and its Twitter account -- echoes the kind of grievance I've heard from staffers:.

What do you say to a company that says its up to you to beg co-workers to cover for you if a family emergency requires you to take time off?

How would you like to work for a company that changes your schedule 90 minutes before your scheduled start time? How would you like to work for a company that approves time off for a family vacation, then tells you "no" just a few days before? It's worth noting that AFTRA represents Hearst employees in six other markets; the union contends these demands are similar to those already enshrined in contracts at Hearst stations elsewhere.

who left wtae

For that matter, I'm told the demands aren't much different from those which used to govern WTAE itself. Employees narrowly voted for decertification early that year; after results were certified, Jennings promptly left the station for WPXI. I've put in a call to the station's management, and when I hear back from them about WTAE's position on negotiations, I will post it here. In the meantime, let's all remember that even the dreaded mainstream media is part of the 99 percent.

Natasha Brown-Former WPXI-TV Anchor and Reporter

Tags: Slag HeapImage. EDMC reports revenues, enrollment down on heels of more layoffs. Miles jury finds for officers on one claim; deadlocks on more serious claims of abuse, false arrest. Even a verdict in civil case doesn't necessarily mean the end of the line for Miles case. A free Coronavirus is a Jagoff downloadable poster, plus other alternate cover designs from the pandemic.

Woke commie rag continues printing another week. Speedy delivery: Where you can pick up a copy of this week's Pittsburgh City Paper. News Coronavirus. All Best Of. Slag Heap. Archives RSS. Thursday, December 1, Slag Heap. Previous: About those write-in campaigns Speaking of Slag Heap. Miles jury finds for officers on one claim; deadlocks on more serious claims of abuse, false arrest By Charlie Deitch Aug 8, Even a verdict in civil case doesn't necessarily mean the end of the line for Miles case By Charlie Deitch Aug 7, Comments 0.They come into our homes, greeting us each day, and then one day you discover they are no longer on the news and you wonder PUM finds out for you - listed below is an update on what is happening with some of the more prominent journalist you may remember.

Nottingham will report for CBS Newspath, the network's hour television news service to CBS stations and broadcasters throughout the world. Her appointment is effective immediately. She will be based in Washington, D. She also served as a fill-in anchor for the weekday morning and evening newscasts. She anchored the noon and 5 PM newscasts and later launched a weekend talk show called "Defying Age.

She also re-launched her talk show as "Spotlight New Jersey"-- a show which focuses on notable people of all ages. She got her first big break in television as an anchor-reporter in Fresno and Redding. Every television station needs reporters who can handle any type of story.

From criminal cases, to City Hall, to just plain unpredictable, Deidra goes the extra mile for every assignment! Since making the move to Atlanta, Deidra has involved herself in a number of community programs, working closely with groups like Junior League of Atlanta, the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists, and as an adviser to the American Red Cross Minority Recruitment Program. Deidra and her son make their home in south Fulton County.

Liberty Blvd. The ministry of Rev. Loran E. Mann spans more than forty years and is synonymous with spiritual, inspirational and visionary leadership. In Rev. Mann spans more than thirty years and is synonymous with spiritual, inspirational and visionary leadership. Five years later Rev. A mentor to numerous ministers and pastors, Rev.

InBishop G. Mann as Commissioner of Broadcasting for the denomination. In addition to Derrick's "SportsNite" anchor duties, he reports from the field before every Eagles game for "Pregame Live" and may be best known for his insightful player interviews during "Eagles Postgame Live.

Prior to "the 'Burgh" I co-anchored the 5 p.With so many forms of transport and hotels to book, we felt it was best to use an agency. Our whole trip ran like clockwork and the information provided as part of our itinerary was invaluable ensuring we got the most out of our time in each city.

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I have actually already referred 2 people to your company as after seeing our vacation pictures, they now want to see Iceland for themselves.

Veteran WTAE-TV Reporter Leaves Station

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